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The Design/Build Advantage

We favor the design/build model as it integrates architecture with construction under one roof. Instead of a handoff from designer to contractor, it ensures a seamless flow of communication with a built-in feedback loop. There is no disagreement in our industry that the best results are produced when designers and builders work together from the start – playing off each other’s strengths and experience. This can certainly happen in the traditional model, but it is never a given, whereas with design-build it is built right into the process.

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Three main advantages to the Design/Build model

Creative Continuity — an integrated team approach provides superior idea generation throughout the entire project.

A Superior Process — clear lines of communication, a holistic approach to problem-solving, and a more targeted client focus.

Cost Containment — better decisions, less rework, superior scheduling, and tighter budgeting.

We provide construction as a stand-alone service if you already have plans or an architect you prefer to work with. In doing so, you will receive the same one-on-one attention from our staff, personalized service, attention to detail, and superior craftsmanship. While we see advantages with the design/ build model, we also work with many accomplished architects on an ongoing basis and produce outstanding results.

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Reach Out Early

We ask anyone interested in working with us to reach out early. Working together in the design phase allows us to consider numerous factors that will typically save time and money further down the road. If you have your own architect, it is advantageous to involve us during the design phase so we can work with them to brainstorm opportunities and preempt issues. Working together as soon as possible will make for a better process, forestalls problems, and almost always saves hassles and money during construction.

A Unique Ecosystem

Cape Cod is a unique ecosystem requiring an intimate familiarity with the laws and regulations surrounding renovations and new construction. Expertise in permitting, along with our relationships with local planning boards and building departments, is a significant piece of value added we bring to our clients. To achieve your goals, variances are sometimes needed, but we pursue them wisely and in a manner that limits costs and minimizes time delays.

One Team, One Dream

We provide a custom product to our clients, making our process of paramount importance. Central to our approach is that on every project, we form one team committed to one goal — the success of our client’s dream.

  • We design to fit your lifestyle and personal vision through close collaboration and architectural skill
  • Whether design/build or build-only, we approach each project, big or small, with the same level of enthusiasm, diligence, and care.
  • Our process is thorough and complete — we are hands-on from pre-construction planning through move-in day.
  • Costs and schedules are monitored throughout the project to gauge progress and arrive at completion on time and on budget.
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