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Reach out by submitting a contact form, or giving us a call as soon as you envision your project — or your architect begins drawing up plans. Let’s have a conversation — there is no commitment, so use the time to check us out.

Initial Meeting

At the first meeting, we review the project and work to understand your vision, objectives, goals, and intended investment. Ideally, we will meet at the project site to acquaint ourselves with your design objectives, the existing site conditions, and the work environment. This is an opportunity for us to learn about the project as well as for you to learn about us and see if deMartin Dunham is a good fit for you.

Preliminary Budget and Schedule

During this step, we will collaborate on your project goals (and if build-only your architectural plans) to develop an initial budget range. This allows you to gauge if your budget is in line with projected costs associated with the project. This is often the time where we work to engineer the proposed scope of the project to fit your budget, and develop a timetable for the work and a target completion date.

Calculator sitting on top of blueprints
Planner sitting on top of financial chart

Final Budget and Schedule

Once we have all the information needed, we will address any modifications and provide a final proposal for design, construction, or both. Throughout the project, both budget and schedule will be monitored to measure progress and assure that we come in on target.


The architectural design process begins with our in-house design team. In this meeting, we will set up a clear line of communication for everyone to follow through the design phase, including decisions and approvals. We will set design goals, work to understand your vision, and begin your new home design journey. Once you are thoroughly satisfied, plans are approved, and the construction phase begins.

Rendering of 3-story home on Cape Cod
Interior of home under construction


As we begin construction, like the design phase, we will set up a clear line of communication for everyone to follow, including decision-making and approvals, along with changes or additional requests. We will initiate the permitting and approval process with both building and governing bodies and begin construction. This will take us from initial demolition and site work to framing and then through to finish work.  Although it can be overwhelming for the homeowner, we find that our ongoing communication and support make this journey enjoyable for everyone.

Progress Meetings

We will meet to review the progress of the project and any new developments on a set schedule. If you, as the client, have an Architect, they will be invited to participate. The meetings provide a forum to address questions or concerns from both sides and allows an ongoing opportunity to identify, address, and resolve any issues immediately.

Builder reviews progress with client
Entry way to to new home


Move into your new home or renovated space.

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